Rosemary is a great plant in that it serves as an ornamental in your garden and has culinary purposes. In fact, rosemary means “dew of the sea,” probably because of its connection to HerbMediterranean cooking. Rosemary can also be made into an essential oil. You can harvest rosemary year-round and does best with frequent pruning.


Type: Evergreen perennial

Garden habitat: Container or garden with sandy well-drained soil.

Exposure: Partial to Full sun.

Season: Grows year-round accept in a frost. Bring indoors if temps are below freezing.

Bloom color: white, pink, blue

Harvest time: Year-round





Trailing Rosemary has a light blue/violet bloom that usually blooms from mid-summer through early fall (in our area probably longer than that with good weather). Bees and butterflies like the blossoms which is a great plus. As with other Rosemary varieties, the trailing one is drought and heat tolerant and great for xeriscaping. It can be propagated with woody cuttings and does not set seeds. How handy would it be to walk out your door and snip some sprigs for cooking?! So be sure to add this versatile herb to your yard and think of the cost savings of having Rosemary year round at your finger tips!!


Type: Evergreen perennial

Garden habitat: Great as ground cover.

Exposure: Full sun and cold hardy also.

Highlights: Drought & heat tolerant; bees & butterflies will come to your yard.

Blooms: Blue/violet blooms in the heat of summer

Care: Use organic fertilizer; propagated with wood cuttings, no seeds.