Zinnia, AsteZinniararceae, is a wonderful sun-loving annual that thrives in our heat. Zinnias come in bright summer colors: red, purple, orange, pink, yellow, white, etc. They are great for cut flowers. May is an excellent time to plant Zinnias to get the most out of them. Butterflies especially love Zinnias. Some Zinnias that we carry are Swizzle, Distance, Linearis, Zinnita, Profusion, Magellan, and Benary’s Giant.

Zinnias come in various sizes from up to 6″ to 50″ tall. They are good as borders or work as something tall in the back of the bed. Plant them in full sun and water from the bottom (don’t water the flowers themselves).



Type: Annual

Season: Spring to Summer blooms.

Color: Yellow, orange, purple, purple, pink, red, white.

Garden habitat: Garden, container.

Exposure: Full Sun.

Care: Water from the bottom.