Red Hibiscus

Need a colorful shrub in your yard that stands out and can survive the Houston heat and humidity? Hibiscus shrubs bloom throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter (if the weather is mild). The hibiscus is a tropical shrub that loves sun. There are many different varieties and colors from singles to doubles to exotics. There are several hibiscus shrubs that catch my eye and mesmerize me. Hibiscus such as 5th Dimension, Bayou Rose and High Definition are incredible.

The hibiscus is the ideal shrub for Houston summers with our hot sun and thick humidity. Hibiscus does best in full sun, but once it’s over 96 degrees, just like us they would love an hour or two of shade. In most winters they will survive. If the temperature drops below 35 it’s best to cover. In the early spring, your hibiscus my look like a bunch sticks in the ground. Don’t be discouraged, just trim back until you see green; it’s only natural that they die back in harsh winters and once they are established they typically start showing green and new growth around April or May. 

Type- Tropical Shrub

Exposure- Part to Full Sun

Blooms- Mid Spring to late fall; if winter is warm it will bloom year-round

Zones- 8-11

Foliage- Evergreen in mild winters; Deciduous in cold winters


Average watering, not too dry and not too wet

Fertilize regularly with a sprinkle once a month while it’s blooming

Cover when temperatures are 35 degrees or below 

Hibiscus Available at Maas

Satin Pillow

Passionate Kiss

Goin Steady

Dark Pink

Exotic Baby Girl

Double Lavender

Fort Myers

Magic Show



Aruba Yellow

Mandarin Wind


Anderson Crepe

Tropic escape

Forever Young

Carolina Breeze

Exotic Blanco Grande

Sunny City Atlanta

Sunny City Nashville

Mellow Yellow

Double Light Pink

Cosmic Dancer

Exotic Double dark Red


Exotic Pink Lemonade

Texas Star

Seminole Pink


Snow Queen

Cayman Wind


Exotic Kiss and Tell

Luna Pink Swirl

Disco Bell Red

Luna Red

Luna White